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Check out the trips and activities you can practice in Ischia: from diving to boat trips, the wonderful treks and horseback rides leaving from Forio. At Costa Citara we are willing to book whatever experience you feel like trying and provide you with the needed transport, enquire us.

It is Ischia’s largest thermal park featuring over 20 panoramic pools which overlook the bay of Citara. Poseidon is a short distance from our hotel. Be ready to spend days amidst lots of activities as gardens offer a parasol at the beach, thermal tubs, spas with wellness center, beauty centre, specific treatments and greenish corners where you can reconnect with nature.

A little bit farther from the hotel are Negombo Gardens, another of Ischia’s heavenly corners where guests can relax with thermal treatments and more. These gardens offer plenty of options as well: descent to the beach, wellness centre, beauty centre. All relaxation and wellness lovers need.

Ischia offers the opportunity to engage in wonderful treks. Here are some of the most beautiful walks. Monte Epomeo, for those who wish to reach the peak and visit the well-known stonehouses, houses and stony shelters. Piano Liguori, a 360-degree panoramic path which can be travelled over even by beginners. Pizzi Bianchi, a downhill path which goes from the town of Noia all the way down to the sea. Craters and springs for all who wish to experience the thrill of walking along the edge of the crater.

Ischia is famous for its wine production. Wines are served at the hotel at both lunch and dinner. If you wish to learn more about Ischia’s wines, book a tour of the main wine cellars. Especially in September, it is possible to take part in the event “Andar per Cantine” that will let you discover all the facets of wine companies and of Ischia’s inhabitants who safeguard the ancient tradition of grape harvest passionately and carefully.

Whoever loves horses cannot miss such kind of adventure! A Horseback ride in Ischia is truly an unforgettable experience. There are lots of routes you can explore riding a horse, the most famous are: Pietra dell’Acqua, S. Maria del Monte, Falanga and, naturally, Monte Epomeo. Have a good ride!

Is there a better setting than Ischia’s pristine waters to take wonderful dives? The island is dotted with many diving schools which daily arrange boat trips towards the best-known diving points. Formiche di Vivara, Punta Sant’Angelo, Punta San Pancrazio, Muraglione, Secca della Catena and Penta Palummo.

An island cannot miss boat trips letting visitors explore Ischia from a different viewpoint. Boat trips can last from just a few hours to the entire day. In some cases, it is possible to eat on board and share a fantastic leisure day with the other passengers! By taking part in a boat trip, visitors have the chance to discover hidden bays and remote places where to enjoy a fantastic swim.

Good fun!

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